Thank you to the students of Honoring Your Stories at North Regional

Library Class Photo.jpg

We met for six weeks at the North Regional Library. We each brought our own stories and wrote diligently between classes with prompts. Each week we encountered new insights as we learned from each other. We made creative choices -- which words are the most effective? How should I tell my story? Which details are important? We chose words and then erased them. We went over them again. We chose new words. We moved paragraphs around. 

We listened to each other's work. What did we like? What stuck with us? We became better listeners, we began to listen like writers. During our final class, after reading a beautiful poem about her mother, Mary, age 90, summed up her favorite part of these library classes: "All of our stories are different, but in so many ways they are the same. In this class we share our humanity." 

Allison Kirkland