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Private Writing Coaching

Looking for something else?

Are you looking for a writing-related service or creative project that isn’t listed here?

You might need help with website language or telling the story of your new small business. Maybe you’re struggling with generating content for your blog. You might need a product description or an email pitch.

I can tailor my offerings to your needs at a price point that works for you. I hope we can work together!

 I offer one-on-one coaching to help bring your projects to fruition. These services are a good fit for writers of all genres (essay, memoir, personal history, blog, fiction) who need structure, organizational assistance and some creative inspiration to work through writing blocks. My goal: to take you from “I’ve started a project” to “... I’m done and I’m really excited about it!”

 Writers must have a deadline and a project in progress in order to be considered for private coaching services. I recommend a free introductory meeting to discuss your project needs to see if we might be a good fit.

Who benefits from a writing coach?  Has your passion project been sitting on your desk gathering dust? Is your blog stalled because you’re feeling stuck? Has writing become a chore instead of something you look forward to?  You might be enjoying the writing process but looking for a fresh perspective on content or craving structure and deadlines.  A writing coach can walk alongside you during this process. 

 How is a Writing Coach different from an Editor?

 Writing can be an isolating and overwhelming process. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a professional coach keep you accountable, someone who is there to work through the challenges and celebrate the triumphs with you. I tailor my coaching to each individual client after an initial free consultation.

 My coaching sessions will help you:

  • get back in touch with your purpose and writing goals so that you can move forward

  • give your project accountability and focus

  • craft a step by step roadmap toward completion of your project

  • feel more connected to your intuition as you develop your own voice

  • celebrate your strengths and build your confidence as a writer

  • battle the fear and self doubt that comes with the vulnerable process of creativity

Fill out the contact form for more information.

Manuscript Consultation

I offer editorial feedback on completed fiction or nonfiction manuscripts. This service includes:

  • a free introductory meeting

  • an in-depth consultation

  • a written report and an in-person meeting to allow room for questions and followup

Completing a manuscript is an incredible accomplishment! If you’re interested in hiring me as for a manuscript consultation, please fill out the contact form for rates and more information.

Personal Historian

 My grandmother and I were very close, and when she passed away at age 95, I couldn’t believe how many of her life stories passed away with her. Even after a very long life, there were so many questions I still wanted to ask her and so much advice I still needed.

 That’s why I’m passionate about crafting personal histories for individuals as well as families. Leaving a written legacy is not just for the rich and famous anymore – we can all leave a legacy for our family to read and remember for years to come.

 Do you want to hire me to work one-on-one with a parent or grandparent? Or have you been working on your own written legacy and need some structure and guidance? Writing a legacy or helping a family member write their legacy helps you gain further understanding of your life and keeps important family memories from fading away.

If you’re interested in hiring me as a personal historian, please fill out the contact form for rates and more information.


A note on teaching: I will not be teaching local creative writing classes from August 2019 - August 2020. check this page for any additional updates.