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I offer private writing coaching, manuscript consultations and additional writing services.  

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About Me

A common thread runs through my professional career: I help people tell their stories. I have written grants to support a variety of arts programming, helped choose stories to showcase in a nationally renowned radio series, and advocated for the work of contemporary American classical composers.

Since 2015 I have taught and coached writing, both personal and professional, individually and in workshops throughout the Triangle. I love seeing my students land upon the perfect word, try something new on the page, or begin writing after a long absence-- seeing a look that is a mix of wonder and empowerment after expressing themselves clearly.

I work to create a nurturing but rigorous environment in my classes to help stretch the imagination and provide insightful feedback from both me and the other class participants. My private coaching and manuscript consultation provides clients with structure and focus, and gives them a roadmap for what can be a very tangled and lengthy process.

I have an MFA in Nonfiction Creative Writing from The New School in New York City. I also hold an undergraduate degree in English from Duke University. 

I teach and coach writing because I believe we need each other’s stories now more than ever, to encourage empathy and understanding and to appreciate our shared humanity. I look forward to working with you.


photo credit:  anna carson dewitt

photo credit: anna carson dewitt


“The quality of the feedback [in our class] was remarkably high.  Part of that was due, in my opinion, to the excellence of Allison’s own feedback to us.  She modeled insight, precision and skill in analyzing our work. It set a high bar for us -- and we stretched for it. Allison was skilled in articulating strengths and offered suggestions for improvement that were useful. When I listened to her feedback, I thought, ‘She's right. I recognize this as a need (or a strength).’ Allison creates an atmosphere in class that encourages all to take risks, have fun, and write well.” – Carolyn Stuart

"Allison has an uncanny ability, or else a well honed one, to pull out words you didn’t know were in your head." - Liz McGuffey

“Allison’s discerning eye with its attention to detail (language, sentence structure, overall shape of the piece), as well as her knowledge of and appreciation for various genres of literature, make her an ideal editor. She has helped me become a better, stronger, more confident writer.” – Ainsley McWha